Sleep Hygiene

Good quality Sleep is needed to keep us healthy. Lots of people struggle with getting enough sleep, or quality sleep.

Certain professions are more likely to disrupt sleep patterns including jobs in:

Transportation, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Business, Internet and Communication Service Operators, Bartender, Police Officers and First Responders, Computer Programmers.

On-the-job performance can be negatively impacted in various ways including:

  • Not taking proper safety precautions
  • Decreased motor skills
  • Impaired decision making
  • Faulty memory
  • Falling asleep on the job
  • Reduced productivity
  • Difficulty handling stress
  • Increased physical problems. (Sleephealthsolutions)

Along with Professions, people who have long term health conditions, or people who have increased social demands placed upon them can be sleep deprived.

Without quality sleep, we can become susceptible to lots of health difficulties including:

  • Obesity,
  • Heart disease,
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes.

Sleep deprivation may lead to long term mood disorders such as anxiety and depression.

Long term lack of sleep can affect the immune system, reducing our ability to fight off infection.

We teach our clients:

  • What the stages of sleep are
  • How sleep works
  • What happens to our mood and physical health with reduced sleep
  • How to build a more effective sleep routine.