PHEW Programme (Physical Health & Emotional Wellbeing)

This programme has been developed by our Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapist. PHEW is a 6 week education programme, giving children and young people the tools they need to manage their own wellbeing now, and into adulthood. Our aim is to expand our services working in Primary and Secondary Schools using a holistic approach. This programme will be ran across North Cumbria and South West Scotland.

Our six key topics include:

  • Physical Activity: Why it is important for our body and mind, how i move, good posture, healthy bones and muscles, growing pains. strength and stamina.
  • Nutrition: Why it is important for our body and mind, sugar content of food and drink, hydration, nutritional science (explained age appropriately)
  • Sleep: Routines, screen time, importance for health and development, sleep hygiene.
  • Stress Management: What is good and bad stress, how we can manage it effectively (Children feel stress too!)
  • Emotions: How they affect our behaviours, how to manage them differently, identifying emotions.
  • Strategies: Mindfulness, breathing techniques and exercises, meaningful activities, coping strategies to help with exam stress and many more.

The programme is delivered and taught by one of our experienced therapists who has extensive post graduate training in child development.

School Information Packages – Yoga & Mindfulness

Please enquire for further details and prices. We have recently updated our school information package – please email us if you would like a copy of this. We have been providing classes to schools in North Cumbria for 18 months and they have been a great success with lots of fantastic feedback. The classes include: Teaching Yoga and Mindfulness to primary and secondary aged children, for improved health and well-being and teaching teachers strategies to manage:

  • Stress and emotional regulation
  • Mindfulness for well-being
  • Improving sleep patterns

These sessions can be provided in the school day, after school club and within teacher training sessions. For further details on the many benefits of Yoga and Mindfulness, please see our Yoga section.

Health & Well being Workshops – Autumn/Winter dates TBC

Our workshops are approximately 1.5 to 2 hours in duration and there is a certificate on completion for each delegate. These are aimed at parents, carers, health professionals, teachers and childcare providers. Over the years both therapists have completed many post graduate training courses, becoming specialists in the field of physical and mental health.

We offer various workshops and 1-1 sessions for both children and adults to help manage;

  • Sleep difficulties: information and strategies to improve quality of sleep
  • Stress management (work & personal life related)
  • First Aider Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, to manage daily stresses and increase well being
  • Teaching sessions to learn how Mindfulness can improve our health and well-being.
  • Hypermobility – What is hypermobility, How common is it, what can i do to help, pacing, practice, pain mangement and when to seek specialist advice from a physiotherapist.
  • Child Development: physical, emotional & social development (2 – 5 years) – Includes: Developmental milestones, brain development, sensory development and awareness, importance of developing key physical skills (gross & fine motor), bilateral coordination, crossing mid-line, movement & learning, importance of relationships, emotional health, co-regulation and when to refer to specialist services such as paediatric physiotherapy and occupational therapy if required.
  • Promoting Physical Development (0 – 2 years) – Includes: Developmental milestones, positions that may help the development of posture and movement, brain development, tummy time, developing shoulder strength and head control, midline control, importance of side lying, information and advice on bumbo seats, baby walkers, door bouncers etc, techniques to support and encourage rolling, independent sitting, walking and advice on when to seek advice and/or treatment from specialist services such as paediatric physiotherapy and occupational therapy.
  • Aims & Benefits of Therapeutic Play
  • Core Stability & Quality of Movement

Please enquire for further details and keep an eye on our website blog, twitter, Instagram and face book page for further details.

Hypermobility Workshop – Dates TBC

Sleep Management – Dates TBC