Men’s Yoga

Do you enjoy participating in your hobby? Football? Cycling? Running? Squash? Etc.

Do you find you can suffer from injury easily?

Does your body stiffen up following sports?

Does healing and recovery take a while?

Have you ever thought of trying Yoga?

More and more men are now engaging in Yoga practice, the evidence demonstrates how Yoga can improve our mood, emotions and physical body. Lots of Professional sportsmen regularly engage in Yoga practice. Premier clubs and even the England team have begun incorporating yoga into their training programme, seeing and feeling (physically and emotionally) the benefits of Yoga.

Yoga is about moving mindfully, using our body, mind and breathe to build deeper connections with ourselves. We begin to learn what our bodies are capable of, and see the results through increased stability, strength, flexibility, stamina, lung function and coordination, along with a calmer mind.

Through practising various poses, including lunges and deep squats, Yoga can strengthen connective tissue, i.e ligaments, tendons and fascia which are all needed for joint stability, and can help prevent injury and reduce recovery time.

If you would like to strengthen your body and mind, reducing the risk of injury and increasing recovery time following injury, why not come along to one of our men only beginners classes.

Sessions are ran by experienced Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapist.